“I know how difficult it can be to choose a speaker. It can feel like a guessing game to find a speaker that you can trust and that can deliver the message you really want for you audience. This is a huge responsibility for you to carry…and I’ve seen what it’s like when the wrong speaker takes the stage.

I’ve also seen what happens when the right speaker ‘WOWs’ your …that speaker makes YOU feel like a Champion… and shows the world that YOU deserve a raise.”   –  Jill

Lunch & Learns

Want an event that will have a room full of coaches, parents and athletes acknowledging their greatness, knowing where they can step up, and laughing together? Jill’s content and approach is proactive, organized, forthright and chalk-full of humor. She is one of the few speakers who ‘gets it’ from all vantage points of athletics.

What Event Participants Are Saying

“Jill’s content has been a game changer for my daughter, and me as a parent”

“We have seen noticeable improvements in our student athlete’s energy level, attitude and game play from the content Jill teaches.”

“The take home message for my student athlete (daughter) was very simple to implement.”

“I left armed with food ideas and clear about what supplements were safe.”

“My student athlete and I are now on the same page”

My athletic high school son had never cooked for himself or packed his own lunch, until he heard Jill.  Thank you!”


Fueling the ENTIRE Athlete

Jill LaneThe standard approaches to fueling for success are often confusing, unattainable, and not sustainable for student athletes and you as parents, coaches and administrators. You need something everyone buys-in to, content that is approachable, easy in install, trustworthy and science and experience based.

Jill Lane is confident that what fuels an athlete dictates their current and long-term success. And by fuel, she’s not just talking carbs and protein shakes: Fuel comes not only from the food an athlete eats, it comes from the words they are told, the words they hear and the words they say to themselves as well.

Frequently Requested Speaking Topics

How to feed your student athlete for success on and off the field.

Erasing the fear on what’s safe, what’s legal and what’s necessary for student athletes.

Leading your student athlete through the inevitable hurdles
and amazing life lessons sports bring out.

Digital Trainings
Radio Interviews

It is a small window of time (and opportunity) that a student is also an athlete. During that time, many of life’s most important lessons are learned, and oftentimes shaped for a lifetime. Jill walks you through how to maximize that window of potential so athletes, parents, schools and organizations can fuel for success together!