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Fueling Champions Online Training Camp was developed for YOU, the busy sports family, parent of student athlete(s) and competitive teen or collegiate athlete. In this interactive 3-STEP program you’ll have 24/7 access to science-backed tools you and your student athlete can install to maximize your potential from the inside out.

Parents:   Feel CONFIDENT that you have fueled your student athlete’s body and mind for peak performance on and off the field.

Students: Feel READY to leave it all out on the field (pool, court or wherever you play you sport) over and over again.

Families: Feel SURE that you’ll avoid the “I wish we would have known this sooner!” syndrome!

Learning how and when to fuel your mind and body are skills that can last a lifetime; we’ve got a special spot for you and your sports family below, see you in Training Camp!

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Here’s what you’re going to get 

  1. The Fueling Champions PlayBook™
    ALL the ins and outs of what, when and how to eat to maximize sports performance, energy, and recovery. The Digital Playbook has over 35 pages focusing on supporting the top aspects of your student athlete’s day to day fueling needs, including foundational recipes, our take on organic, gluten free and more.
  2. Short Detailed Coaching Videos
    In these short videos I walk you through the PlayBook…how and when to use the info…adding my insider secretes with science and experience-based techniques so you don’t have to do all the extra leg work!  As an athlete, mom of athletes a coach of athletes…I’ll dish all I know to help you in this journey. 
  3. Peak Performers Kitchen Set Up and Plan B Recipes
    Knowing what to have in your kitchen, refrigerator and freezer is the first step to creating an environment for success. You don’t need any fancy kitchen equipment or a big budget, you just need to know exactly what to have around for lasting success. And because sports families have crazy schedules, there are a few super quick Plan B recipes when you need to fix dinner in a pinch.

  4. Expert Interviews
    Insider information from a few of my coaching colleagues and experts friends, walking us through topics like Picky Eating, Mental Toughness, Physical Training for Youth Athletes and the doozy…when your athlete says They Want to Quit! 
  5. Travel Tips and The Coveted Fueling Champions Fast Food Cheat Sheet
    I get it, sometimes you mysteriously end up in the fast food drive through…or at fast casual restaurant. I’ll show you how to choose your best, especially while traveling – staying fueled while on the road for a tournament or long bus ride afterschool can make our break performance. 
  6. The Fueling Champions Fuel Tracker™
    Progress is a pattern of consistent effort. Tracking your new habits not only helps make them stick, it also helps you learn what fuel works best and where you can grow and improve. 
  7. The ‘Big Talk’ on Supplements
    It’s what I get asked about the most…what vitamins and supplements should or could a youth athlete take.  I walk you through it so you know EXACTLY what to do, and if needed where to safely buy.
  8. Hidden Hurdles Questionnaire If you feel like you and your student athlete are doing all the right things but not getting the desired results?  There could be a hidden hurdle (or two) in the way.  I’ll walk you through them and give tips on how to resolve them, so you can maximize your efforts. 
  9. 24/7 Access To The Online Members-Only Training Camp Portal My coaches and I answer your day-to-day questions, and provide support in our private online team training camp center. Connect with your fellow teammates if you like, share recipes and tips. 

You’ll have CONTINUED DIGITAL ACCESS to the videos, handouts, worksheets, recipes and team support necessary to help you, your student athlete  and your sports family maximize potential and fuel for success TOGETHER! —– >>>> GRAB YOUR SPOT —–>>>>

Virtual Training Camp with Consulting $199.00

Virtual Training Camp without Consulting $149.00

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Get Access Now

Access to the program for 6 months from date of purchase.

Fueling Champions PRIVATE COACHING 

Fueling Champions PRIVATE COACH – For Those Who Desire Pro Treatment

Need specific support for your athletic goals? Play multiple sports and have various fueling needs? Want to further customize what you are learning in Fueling Champions Training Camp?

Then Fueling Champions PRIVATE COACH with Jill Lane and the Fueling Champions team is for you.

If PRIVATE COACHING is the edge and customization you are looking for, email to apply.

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