The cool thing is that improved nutritional choices have instant impact! Fueling Champions LIVE, combines all the TOOLS I’ve used with my pro and youth athletes over 15 years of business so sports families can stay fueled for success together!
During Fueling Champions LIVE I’ll walk you through the top plays out my Fueling Champions TRAINING CAMP Playbook which includes:

  • What to Eat (which includes what the deal is with organic and gluten – oh ya we have to go there!
  • When to eat (may seem simple, but could be the difference between first and last in school and sport)
  • How to Hydrate (sports drinks, do we need them?)
  • Vitamins and Supplements (could be an entire event on it’s own, but we’ll open this can of worms!)
  • Mindset (you’re doing everything right but not getting results…)
  • Hidden Hurdles (you’re doing everything right but not getting results…yes this was intentionally repeated and I’ll tell you why at Fueling Champions LIVE!)