In addition to being a mom of 3, Jill Lane has spent over 15 years consulting, coaching and teaching functional nutrition and exercise physiology. Her passion for helping pro athletes, sports families and high achievers attain max strength, quick recovery, heightened energy, sharp focus and optimal body fat for peak performance has become the cornerstone of her business. Some of her current and past clients include coaches and players from the NFL, NBA and MLB as well as aspiring MMA and Olympic athletes. As a former High School All-American, Olympic Development Team Member, Collegiate and Semi-Pro athlete herself, Jill has a clear understanding of what competitive athletes require to achieve and sustain their personal best.

Her mission to support the next generation of student athlete leaders (as well as those who lead them on a daily basis) comes full circle in her event, program and academy called Fueling Champions™. Fueling Champions follows Jill’s proprietary 3-step process, FEED, LEAD, SUCCEED so families of student athletes can achieve healthy success, together.

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“When I became a professional athlete, I thought that intense workouts and cardiovascular endurance were all I needed to maintain a high performance level. With Jill Lane, I quickly discovered I had to work on the nutritional and supplemental needs specific to my body. Jill has helped me become a well rounded player and establish methods of recovery that lengthened my career in the NFL. “

DeMarcus Ware, #94 Denver Broncos

“I was looking for someone who I could trust to help my athletic teenage gain weight/muscle mass safely and effectively in order to improve his athletic performance.  I love that Jill is a mom. She understands what it is like to feed a family despite a very busy schedule.”

Amy and son Clay (15), Nashua, NH

“We are like most parents, we want our kids to eat well so they can feel and perform well…We just didn’t know what and how much…with Jill our kids now eat, feel and perform at levels we never imagined possible.”

BJ and sons Grant (12) and Chase (8), Frisco, TX

“Jill took our high school daughter from a good rower to a chiseled and tireless gold medalist in state, regional, and national regattas.  Before meeting Jill, our daughter struggled to maintain her competitive edge in rigorous multi-day regattas.  Jill taught her how to optimally fuel, hydrate and rest and made every pound on her small frame as efficient as possible.  With Jill’s nutritional and training guidance our lightweight daughter competed and won in the heavyweight divisions. Similarly, Jill helped our other three children maximize their potential in water polo, swimming and lacrosse. We highly recommend Jill to anyone who has the desire to compete at the highest level!”

Kristin and Rajiv - Parents, Dallas TX

“By working with Jill I was able to improve my stamina, which was key for me, especially in the summer workouts. My goal was to add muscle weight; I put on 10 lean pounds which helped me move around the court effectively. Mrs. Lane helped me understand my body and how important nutrition and proper fuel is before a practice, game or in everyday movements (something not all athletes fully understand).”

Ekpe Udoh #8 Center/Power Forward, LA Clipper and Milwaukee Buck - Now with Fenerbahce, Euroleague